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Shaheen, Ruth, Martin & Fonville Real Estate

Shaheen, Ruth, Martin & Fonville was founded by four Managing Brokers, Scott Shaheen, Scott Ruth, John Martin, and Mahood Fonville, who wanted to make a difference and get back to the basics of selling local Real Estate. Their focus was on staying relevant and being ahead of the power curve when it comes to technology, marketing, and training in the Residential Real Estate Arena. "We want our agents to be the best when it comes to representing our clients and working with other Brokers, and three words that best describes our team are Supportive, Ethical, & Professional. " as stated by the Owners. The company has coverage in the Greater Richmond or Central Virginia, Williamsburg, Peninsula, and the Wintergreen markets. The firm also has a Luxury component that specializes in Estates, Higher-End and Historic Homes, Land, and Waterfront properties.

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Our Agents

John Martin
John Martin Broker/Owner
Mahood Fonville
Mahood Fonville Broker/Owner
Scott Shaheen
Scott Shaheen Broker/Owner
Scott Ruth
Scott Ruth Broker/Owner
Paige Shaheen
Paige Shaheen Realtor
Holly Shaheen
Holly Shaheen Associate Broker, GRI, CRP
Melissa Shaheen Berling
Melissa Shaheen Berling Realtor
Catherine M. Noonan
Catherine M. Noonan Associate Broker
Stephen Kramer
Stephen Kramer Associate Broker
Annie Wise
Annie Wise Realtor
Sandy Basham
Sandy Basham Realtor
Cindy Wise
Cindy Wise Realtor
Susan Robins
Susan Robins Realtor, ABR, SRES
Tammy Gomer
Tammy Gomer Realtor
Leigh Shobe
Leigh Shobe Realtor
Chuck Seay
Chuck Seay Realtor
Milicent Lynch
Milicent Lynch Realtor
Catie Wilton
Catie Wilton Associate Broker, GRI
Thomas Rose
Thomas Rose Realtor
Ernie Dettbarn
Ernie Dettbarn Associate Broker
Bill LaFratta
Bill LaFratta Realtor
The Cox Real Estate Group
The Cox Real Estate Group Realtors
Becky McNeer
Becky McNeer Associate Broker
Carla Jacobs
Mike Honsharuk
Mike Honsharuk Realtor
Brinkley Taliaferro
Brinkley Taliaferro Realtor
Sandra Rozzelle
Sandra Rozzelle Realtor
Debbie Lange
Debbie Lange Realtor, GRI, CRS, ABR, SRS
Kathryn West
Kathryn West Realtor
Pat Gaeser
Pat Gaeser Realtor, GRI
Craig Hutson
Craig Hutson Realtor
Marietta Reynolds
Marietta Reynolds Realtor
Dawson Boyer
Dawson Boyer Realtor
Elliott Gravitt
Elliott Gravitt Associate Broker
John McGurn
John McGurn Associate Broker
Caleb Boyer
Caleb Boyer Buyer Specialist, Realtor
Jenny Brock
Jenny Brock Realtor
Jamie Grabill
Jamie Grabill Business Development, Realtor
Jack Burke
Jack Burke Realtor
Marci Andrews
Marci Andrews Realtor
Eliza Conrad
Eliza Conrad Realtor
Naomi Nelson
Naomi Nelson Realtor
Tucker Greer
Tucker Greer Realtor
Sally Syrquin
Sally Syrquin Associate Broker
Holly David
Holly David Realtor
Bridget Hodgson
Bridget Hodgson Realtor
Ann Scott Kelly
Ann Scott Kelly Realtor
Holly Martin
Holly Martin Realtor
Jennifer Ruth
Jennifer Ruth Realtor
Walker Fonville
Walker Fonville Realtor
Sally Slate
Sally Slate Realtor
Ashley Slate
Ashley Slate Realtor
Mike Hanky
Mike Hanky Associate Broker
Lee Rousseau
Lee Rousseau Realtor
Mimi Gottwald
Mimi Gottwald Realtor
Adam Pitts
Adam Pitts Realtor
Shirley Holloway
Shirley Holloway Realtor, ABR, GRI
Anne Ball
Anne Ball Realtor
Todd Ball
Todd Ball Realtor
Owen Thatcher
Owen Thatcher Realtor
Shelley Roberts
Shelley Roberts Realtor
Kim Condyles
Kim Condyles Realtor
Katherine Hill
Katherine Hill Realtor
Danny Wade
Danny Wade Realtor
Margaret W. Pace
Margaret W. Pace Realtor
Emmy Woody
Emmy Woody Realtor
Susan Snyder
Susan Snyder Realtor
Carrington Gilliss
Carrington Gilliss Realtor
Alice Sharp
Alice Sharp Realtor
Betts McGurn King
Betts McGurn King Realtor
Chelle Bravo
Chelle Bravo Realtor
Mary Marsh
Mary Marsh Associate Broker
Melissa Karlson
Melissa Karlson Realtor
Chris Ellis
Chris Ellis Realtor
Bonnie Cosby
Bonnie Cosby Realtor
Eric Piedra
Eric Piedra Associate Broker
Sallie Rhett
Sallie Rhett Realtor, ABR, GRI, Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
Kathy Hall
Kathy Hall Realtor
Lis Ramon
Lis Ramon Realtor
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker Realtor
Acree Abbott
Acree Abbott Realtor
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Realtor
Vanna McDonald
Vanna McDonald Realtor
Monica Rawles
Monica Rawles Associate Broker, CLHMS, Luxury CRS, GRI, e-PRO, SRES
Virginia Ward
Virginia Ward Realtor
Cindy Jez
Cindy Jez Associate Broker, New Homes Specialist
Kellie Banton
Kellie Banton Realtor
Casie Beran Woodfin
Casie Beran Woodfin Realtor
Angie Kelley
Angie Kelley Realtor
Heather Placer
Heather Placer Realtor
Meg Price
Meg Price Realtor
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson Realtor
Sherry Beran
Sherry Beran Realtor, SRES, SFS
Kristin Beran Krupp
Kristin Beran Krupp Realtor
Feras Almomani
Feras Almomani Realtor
Ed Melton
Ed Melton Associate Broker, CRB
Kristi Rike
Kristi Rike Realtor
Jackie Ingram
Jackie Ingram Realtor
Helen C Fields
Helen C Fields Associate Broker
Debbie Jordan
Debbie Jordan Realtor
Ann Hineline
Ann Hineline Realtor
Brooke Ireland
Brooke Ireland Realtor
Kimberly Hitchens
Kimberly Hitchens Realtor
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Realtor
Karen Lavallee
Karen Lavallee Realtor
Nelson Curtis
Nelson Curtis Associate Broker
Meg Montgomery
Meg Montgomery Realtor
Frances Henley
Frances Henley Realtor
Drew Harrell
Drew Harrell Realtor
Wanda Huggins
Wanda Huggins Realtor, GRI, ABR
Lois Thomas
Lois Thomas Associate Broker
Mindy Dean
Mindy Dean Realtor
Rae Nunnally
Rae Nunnally Associate Broker
Amy Enoch
Amy Enoch Associate Broker, GRI
Carol Beth Buchanan-Cook
Carol Beth Buchanan-Cook Realtor, GRI
Jene Wood & Keith Wood
Jene Wood & Keith Wood Realtors
Linda Harris
Linda Harris Associate Broker, CRS, GRI
Sherry Gilliam
Sherry Gilliam Realtor, GRI, CRS
The Eric Piedra Group
The Eric Piedra Group Real Estate Group