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Our 2024 First Quarter Leaders

We want to congratulate Our First Quarter Leaders for their outstanding performance. Their unwavering commitment and hard work from January to March was truly exceptional, resulting in a remarkable pr...

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Our 2023 Fourth Quarter Leaders

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our exceptional leaders for their outstanding performance in the fourth quarter. Their unwavering commitment and hard work during October through December were truly exceptional, resultin...

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Our 2023 Third Quarter Leaders

Congratulations to our exceptional leaders for their outstanding performance in the Third Quarter. Their unwavering commitment and dedicated hard work during the months of July through September were exceptional, resulting in a remarkable produ...

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Why You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant expenditures you will ever make. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced homeowner, the process can be complicated and intimidating. While you may be tempted to go it alone in this d...

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The Seller’s Market in Virginia

The Seller's Market in Virginia - Should You List Your Home Now?
Most homeowners equate a seller's market with the "perfect" time to sell a home.  Homeowners can maximize their home value and make a quicker sale, but the ideal time to sell a ...

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Dog Friendly Places to Visit in Metro Richmond

It's summertime in Metro Richmond, and there are so many attractions and events in our communities that can easily fill the upcoming months with fun.  Without a doubt, there are countless interesting places to explore in our area.  But, we're...

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Housing Market in December – Where are we?

December 16, 2022
Housing Affordability Conditions Decrease in October 2022 as Mortgage Rates Touch 7%
At the national level, housing affordability continued to fall in October compared to the previous month, according to NAR’s Housing Affo...

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