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Explore Richmond, VA’s Great Outdoors

Kayaking on the James River
Kayaking on the James River

Kayaking on the James River

When in Richmond, experiencing the great outdoors is an absolute must. The city is home to various natural attractions that appeal to both adrenaline junkies and more relaxed pleasure seekers.

  1. Experience the James River
  2. The James River should top your list of outdoor adventures in Richmond. Hailed as the city’s greatest natural resource, it draws crowds of all sorts for various outdoor activities – both on the water and along its banks.

    People flock to Richmond just to experience kayaking and whitewater rafting along the James River. The stretch of the mighty river that runs across the city never fails to thrill enthusiasts of the sport with class III and class IV rapids. At the calmer portions, visitors can enjoy swimming, tubing, and fishing.

    The riverbanks are also friendly to dryer activities like camping and picnicking.

  3. Ride and hike
  4. There are many ways to explore and tour around Richmond – pedaling on a bike, trudging along scenic hike trails, and even coasting along on a Segway.

    Richmond Rides offers bike rental tours around the city that showcase the city’s top historic and gastronomic highlights. If you have your own bike, you can go on your own and explore the Virginia Capital Trail, a paved pedestrian and bike trail that traverses more than 50 miles alongside Virginia’s most scenic and historically significant sites.

    For hikers, Forest Hill Park is a great place to start. Located near downtown, this hike trail offers breathtaking views all around the city. If you want to fully immerse in nature, the tranquil trails of Pony Pasture Rapids and Pocahontas State Park will surely appeal to you.

  5. Enjoy the gardens
  6. Marvel at the soothing environments that comprise the city’s thriving park system.  The Richmond Garden Trail features an itinerary that showcases eight breathtaking gardens, all within 10 miles from each other. These gardens and green spaces rank among the most beautiful in the US, such as the multi-awarded Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. The trail has no designated starting point, allowing visitors to explore the extraordinary sights at their own leisure.

  7. Go back in time Visit the Richmond National Battlefield Park, one of the city’s national park treasures, which commemorates Richmond’s story during the Civil War era.

    Better yet, drop by Henricus Historical Park, which recreates 17th century life to commemorate the second English settlement in North America. The site also prominently featured during the Revolutionary War and Civil War eras, so expect to learn a lot about those periods, as well. Henricus is a great place to bring the kids, as the costumes and period themes are sure to delight and fascinate them.

  8. Attend outdoor events
  9. Events are another great way to experience Richmond outdoors. From concerts, to sports events, to festivals, this city has something going on any time of the year!

    Sports and great live music come together for Dominion Riverrock, Richmond’s annual outdoor and music festival. The excitement never stops with BMX bike exhibitions, bouldering/wall-climbing competitions, kayak races, and various adventure races like the Filthy 5K Mud Run and the James River Scramble 10K. Even dogs get to join the fun.

    The Richmond Symphony also hosts its concerts in various outdoor locations. With about a dozen performances scheduled throughout the season, audiences get to appreciate excellent classical music under clear skies.

To live amid Richmond’s great outdoors, call us at 804.288.2100 or send us an email at info(at)srmfre(dotted)com.

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